Can I mail you a recording?

Sure! PO BOX info is on the way. Tape, CD, Media Card, DAT, whatever. If you need it back, just let us know.

What if my recording sounds strange or quiet?

Send me a note and I'll apply an astounding act of superscience.

I don't see my recording on the browse recordings page.

If it's been more than 5 minutes (you may need to refresh the page a few times), try uploading it again. If that doesn't work, send me a note.

How do I transfer a recording from my cell phone?

Seems like there are a million different cell phones and likely a million different ways to get recordings off of them. It will generally involve a usb cable that came with your phone. Try plugging that into your phone and then into you computer and see if the computer recogizes the phone. It may just pop up or you may need to use "My Computer" or "Hard Drive" to browse around and find it. It would likely appear as a new hard drive.

You may also be able to send the recording to an email address. A direct upload is really the best method but if that's not working for you, you can email the recording directly to me. Please send a second email with at least the location of the recording, your phone number and anything else from the upload form. The more info the better.

If you can't suss it out, send me a note with your phone model number and we'll see if we we can figure it out together.