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Thanks for contributing a recording. If your recording is not on your computer, read about other methods of sharing a recording.

The only 'required' fields below are the file to upload and location of recording. If you have a minute, having the rest of the information will make it sweeter.

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mp3, wav, aiff, flac, whatever. Video files are ok too. Please be patient while uploading them as they may take a while.

After you've typed in an address, click the "Check Address" button. An approximate address or intersection with town name is ok. If you don't see it on the map after clicking the button, try adding or removing information from the address.

Address Examples

  • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20500 USA
  • 10 downing street, london
  • 7th and broadway, ny
  • portland convention center
  • alma ave, lake grove
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